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as a lamp (sagittarius), a star in space (leo)
an illusion (pisces), a dewdrop (gemini), a bubble (libra)
a dream (aries), a cloud (cancer), embroidery (Virgo) a flash of lightning (aquarius)
view all created things like this
time (capricorn), love (scorpio), and gravity (taurus)
the forces of power are invisible

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Kieren gets that Simon was right. 
             He starts to walk. 
   And then he walks faster. “

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Listen to Hozier ya fuckers 


U kno why no one complains abt rich ppl buying dumb shit, bc rich ppl are allowed to have hobbies and have fun but poor people have to live in rags and own nothing lmao

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ohneptune: What would you say are the biggest issues with scorpio moons. My sun sign is sag and my moon is scorpio in the sixth house. I feel things to an extreme but i also notice that being a sag makes those emotions inconsistent or always changing


The ‘issue’ is the same as the gift. Intensity. The emotions will flow, as they do, up and down and all around, perhaps inconsitently, perhaps without reason why certain ones are being felt at certain times…but it will create stamina, will power, and strength. It can also be helpful with creative pursuits. The will to help others fight or come to terms with their demons is strong- these are the people who can pull it off. They are healers. The main lesson for Scorpio moon is to LET GO and STAY OPEN. 


modern astrology associates scorpio with the scorpion, but the ancients portrayed scorpio as the transcendent eagle who ascends above the material plane (taurus). from the ashes of their own destruction they light a fire that sets their wings alight

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Anonymous: Out of the 3 decans of scorpio, which one do you think is the true blue scorpion? & would you mind describing all 3 of them? :)


I did not know much about the decans until I got this ask and researched it! This website really helped me understand the full concept. http://www.scorpioseason.com/2013/04/the-3-scorpio-decans/
I’m so in awe. My dad is 1st decan, my brother is 2nd decan, and I’m 3rd decan, and it’s like a million puzzle pieces just clicked in my mind!
I’ve researched the blue scorpion, but I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you described it for me, I could better answer your question, if that’s alright. :)

Venus in Scorpio


Venus in Scorpios tend to be attracted to the dark side of life when it comes to romance: they can fall in love with individuals overrun by shadows, addictions,  and secrets, and thus lose themselves in the maddening yet intoxicating fray. Part of the Venus in Scorpio’s life lesson is to rise above his or her love obsessions and self-destructive tendencies while in relationships—romantic or otherwise.

Once Upon A Dream
Lana Del Rey - Disney's Maleficent


Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream

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This girl told me one time that when you are walking past someone from a distance and feel the need to make eye contact, it is a connection, a spiritual magnetism pulling two people to meet for there are things they can take from one another. She told me that when I avoided that eye contact and looked at the ground or my phone instead, that I was actually missing a connection with another spirit that was planted by the universe in a map more vast than I could ever comprehend. She asked how empty I felt inside. I told her sometimes I feel the entire world weighing on my heart and other times I’d kill to feel anything at all to which she replied, “to wish to feel is still a feeling. You’re not dead yet. Live while you’re alive. Live in all your happiness and your sadness. No matter the feeling, feel it down to your very bones. Look at that stranger and smile. A brief connection with someone can sometimes say more to your aching soul than a lifetime next to another. Trust in fate and you’ll never have to ask why.”
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Brave. Sansa took a deep breath. I am a Stark, yes, I can be brave.

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Like Real People Do - Hozier

Why were you digging?

What did you bury

Before those hands pulled me

From the earth?


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itf simonren


Velma is having none of your vampire shit today.

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